Welcome to Arven

Arven is providing education for IT staff and mediation.

These two areas may seem unrelated at first sight. However, at Arven we believe in personal development. And both in our courses and during mediation, we aim for further personal development for your staff.

The personal development is what brings education and mediation together. At the end of the day, we hope that you and your staff will be better prepared for the future. Not just ready to do a job today, or work together tomorrow. We strive to give you the insights that will let you teach yourself the next job, or let you handle future conflicts before they escalate.

That is what Arven stands for. To better prepare people for the future and to allow them to develop themselves.

This shows in our courses. We do not provide trainings with fixed materials. All our courses are highly customizable. Before each course, we discuss your situation and your needs. Together we set the goals for the course, add subjects or shift the focus of the course.

During each course, time is spent for the students to work with the discussed subjects. With business cases either from your organization or developed by Arven, students are asked to think about different aspects of the subject. For several courses students will also need to work together to solve these business cases. This enables us to give our students a wider view of the subject. And to let our students develop personal skills outside of the subject of the course.

When you find yourself faced with an inter-personal conflict between co-workers, you can ask Arven to help you. We believe that conflicts are a natural phenomenom in organizations. Even though conflicts can arise for a multitude of reasons, a common denominator is a lack of understanding of eachothers motives. At Arven we believe that the key to resolving conflicts is to uncover the bigger picture.

When people are able to see eachother's position relative to the whole organization, it is a first step to understanding eachothers motives. Not only does it help to resolve conflicts, it also improves the organization as a whole.

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