Education at Arven

Our philosophy at Arven is that our courses should offer more than a facts training. We strive to deliver an education, that not only involves learning a specific subject but also trains personal skills.

Our courses are set up around a range of subjects. The goals of each course are set together with you. Based on your requirements and objectives,we can customize the course. During each course, we reserve time for our students to practice with the subject.
Part of each course is at least one (business-)case, with which students can develop their personal skills.This case can either be a case from your own organization, or a case provided by Arven.

Courses are set up in half-daily and daily sessions. Each session can be given in its default form. But preferrably, we customize the course to meet your objectives.

Each session is started with an explanation of the theory of the subject. After that, a business case is presented to the students. The case will allow students to practice the theory discussed. But students will also need to use other personal and professional skills to solve the business case.

After the business case, the results are discussed with the students. We will go into any questions about the theory. But we will also look into the way the case was handled, and how it relates to other situations in your organization.

As an additional service, we provide a feedback service for our students. Our feedback-service entitles students to ask any questions regarding the subjects of the course, or the (handling of the) business case for a period of one month. The trainer will personally respond to the students queries. When the trainer thinks the question is relevant to all students, the answer will be forwarded to all students.

All courses are presented at your site, and preferably using your own tools and (test-)systems.


At this moment we offer the following education courses.

- ITIL processes in an Oracle environment
- Communication skills for Application Managers
- Conflict management for IT-staff
- Oracle (eBS) technology for non-Oracle staff
- Oracle RDBMS features for designers
- Relational Database Design

We also offer a wide range of specific technical courses for Oracle eBS DBA's and consultants. Click here for details.


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